Our customer satisfaction rate is well over 95%. As Germany's first relocation agency, we have successfully managed more than 28,000 assignments since 1982.
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The company's founder, Claudia C. Rehberg, has lived in 5 different countries, in 4 different cultures and on 3 different continents. When she founded Professional Organizing in 1982 there was no such thing as Web, no such thing as mobile phones and nothing resembling relocation services as they are known today. She has accompanied the development of relocation services both nationally and internationally.

Every day our clients benefit from her wealth of experience. In 1996 she was awarded the Veuve Clicquot 'Business Woman of the Year" award for her pioneering work in the relocation industry.

Claudia Rehberg is a passionate entrepreneur. She was one of the first to concern herself with not only providing support for employees, but with the question of how this should be done. As early as in 1995 she defined standards of quality that shaped the industry. But also in 2016 she is the first to be granted both the EuRA 2016 Global Quality Seal and the ISO 9001: 2015 quality certificate. These particularly include data security, risk managment, compliance and independent advice.

She is an honorary member of the General Assembly of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Frankfurt and has been appointed as a commercial judge.

Our staff is carefully selected in order to guarantee the high standards of this complex service. They are all professionally trained or university graduates, speak several languages and have lived abroad. The characteristic of our staff is a combination of competence and empathy, efficiency and passion, meticulousness and far-sightedness.

We are all service providers with a passionate commitment.


Claudia C. Rehberg

Claudia C. Rehberg
Managing Director

Sophie Rehberg
Managing Director

Remco Rehberg
Managing Director

Pia Marco

Judith Hövels
Management Assistant

Sara Franze
Intern / Office Management

Sabine Fieber
Dual Career / Consultant Munich

Petra Kistner
Immigration Consultant

Carolin Hochrein
Immigration Consultant

Julia Kreth
Managing Consultant Rhine Main

Wofa Abdelkader
Relocation Consultant

Tatjana Viethen
Relocation Consultant

Jorge Guedes
Relocation Consultant

Anastasia Wessel
Relocation Consultant

Andrea Köster
Business Development / Consultant Munich

Ute Rehmert
Managing Consultant Rhine Ruhr Area

Elise Aderbauer
Consultant Frankfurt / Rhein Main Area

Christina Jellyman
Consultant Biberach/Ulm

Susanne Hildwein
Consultant Frankfurt / Rhine Main Area

Birgit Düchtel
Consultant Frankfurt / Rhine Main Area

Alexander Zielke
Consultant Frankfurt / Rhine Main Area

Gaia Filippone
Consultant Frankfurt

Silke Pfeiffer
Consultant Rhine Main Area

Why Professional Organizing:

  • Our company name is our programme: you book professionalism with us – demonstrated by our practical and customer-oriented solutions
  • The know-how of our continously trained and experienced staff guarantees short replytime to your enquiry as well as flexible and non-bureaucratic cooperation.
  • Our actions are characterized by empathy and the spirit to offer more than what is expected.
  • We are totally independent and cover your interests only.
  • We consider ourselves as an important partner for small and medium sized companies and consider a cooperation as obligation and honor.
  • We know the values of our clients – and act accordingly.

Quality made by Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.
Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.