Professional Organizing

In 1982 we were the first. We had a major influence on the scope and the quality of relocation services - especially in Germany. For more than 3 decades we have ensured the safe arrival of employees of national and international companies, both in Germany and throughout the whole world.

We do this with empathy, efficiency and commitment.

We are a trustworthy partner for your company and your employees in a complex global world.

Whether your company is taking its first steps in an international environment or has established structures already, whether it's about a business visa or work visas, looking for accommodation for one or many employees, cultural training, job search for a partner or transporting pets or furniture: we are at your side.


Feedbacks our clients
2019-03-13 very good service and great support also during holidays. recommended to anyone who is moving into Germany.
2019-03-12 You guys are great! Many thanks for the good care!
2019-03-12 ... super Service. Tolles Unternehmen
2019-03-04 Please tell us about any recommendations you have that would improve the service: None that come to mind - excellent, personalised service!
2019-02-19 Great communication and help by my consultant!
2019-02-15 Great service, no complaints from me.
2019-02-13 I've had a great experience with ProfOrg. Moving overseas is a daunting process, however with the help of the dedicated service i received from ProfOrg, many of my concerns were taken care of. Thank you.
2019-02-06 Additional Comments: ProfOrg is street-smart and they helped me with a seamless transition to Germany. Mr. Remco and his colleagues has been co-operative throughout the process and they are proactive; be it responding to a situation or clarifying any stupid questions. I definitely recommend them as the \"Best Relocation Consultants\" that I experienced in the many countries in Europe.
2019-02-01 I am excited this long process of the driving license is successfully done – many thanks for your push and support to have this completed in time, I hadn’t realized how long, challenging and stressful it would be with all the lessons and tests . Overall Tatjana you have been a WONDERFUL support for me all through this immigration process. SO THANK YOU VERY MUCH! ?
2019-01-28 From the initial contact established for my brief relocation period from SA to feed-back and responsiveness to all my communication has been world class.
2019-01-28 I am so happy about the service provided by Proforg.
2019-01-27 Overall the service was excellent. Many thanks.
2019-01-21 Excellent guidance and support !!
2019-01-20 I am happy with the professional service provided.
2018-12-17 Relocation to a different country is one of the most stressful experiences a person can have. Proforg made this transition as painless as possible by being proactive, friendly and efficient. From the first contact I felt comfortable that we were in good hands with Proforg. Thank you for going beyond the call of duty and supporting us during this transition. You are an amazing team.
2018-12-13 Sophie and team are excellent, very helpful and true to the name, professional in their approach, from the time of finding the house to the point of getting the resident permit - all interactions are to the point, helpful and timely. Your team made the transition so smooth. Thank you very much!
2018-11-12 If there is a rating 9 or 10 I would definitely give it :-)
2018-02-08 The consultant was always responsive, competent, and knowledgeable on the issues that needed to be adressed. I appreciate very much the availability for a direct consultation when this was needed; that was really helpful. The service provided was overall much satisfactory.
2014-05-20 Mit Herrn Guedes arbeite ich gerne jederzeit wieder zusammen! Erstklassiger Service und schnelle und einfache Wege! Ein großes Dankeschön an ihn!


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Global Employment Mobility Services delivers all services described under ‚National Mobility‘ on a global scale.

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Why Professional Organizing:

  • Our company name is our programme: you book professionalism with us – demonstrated by our practical and customer-oriented solutions
  • The know-how of our continously trained and experienced staff guarantees short replytime to your enquiry as well as flexible and non-bureaucratic cooperation.
  • Our actions are characterized by empathy and the spirit to offer more than what is expected.
  • We are totally independent and cover your interests only.
  • We consider ourselves as an important partner for small and medium sized companies and consider a cooperation as obligation and honor.
  • We know the values of our clients – and act accordingly.

Quality made by Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.
Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.