Professional Organizing

In 1982 we were the first. We had a major influence on the scope and the quality of relocation services - especially in Germany. For more than 3 decades we have ensured the safe arrival of employees of national and international companies, both in Germany and throughout the whole world.

We do this with empathy, efficiency and commitment.

We are a trustworthy partner for your company and your employees in a complex global world.

Whether your company is taking its first steps in an international environment or has established structures already, whether it's about a business visa or work visas, looking for accommodation for one or many employees, cultural training, job search for a partner or transporting pets or furniture: we are at your side.


Feedbacks our clients
2019-11-12 In a nutshell, I can say that It would have been nightmare for me and my family if we didn\'t have support from Proforg. Each and every staff I\'ve dealt with are amazingly professional, helpful and pleasant. I\'m fully satisfy with the standard of service I\'ve received. Thank you Proforg!!!
2019-11-09 Service was excellent and made the transition as smooth as possible... nothing additional could be done
2019-11-05 Danke für Ihre kompetente Unterstützung.
2019-11-04 No recommendation. Remco dealt with everything in an effective and quick manner. Nowadays it\'s difficult to find a service with the standards that Remco provided. Simply, excellent.
2019-10-31 Thank you very much. The service was great. Very happy with my new home in Ingelheim!
2019-10-31 No recommendations at all, stay as you are... Excellent, we always feel protect and safe for all the topic we challenged the last 3 Mounth, many many thanks at Remco and Velvet for all !!
2019-10-22 We really felt we had top notch, friendly service with Olga. She made our transition go smoothly, and she handled everything quickly and perfect. A great big thank you to Olga.
2019-09-26 very supportive and was available to answer any question from my side. I am so happy with the service, and honestly Sophie support is a priceless
2019-09-23 Thanks a lot! it was great the support I got every time.
2019-08-28 Sophie was by far the best relocation consultant we have experienced in our four international moves. Top class and smart and customer focused. Also good work by her team of Jorge and Tati - great experience, customer focus, and helpful.
2019-08-01 My case manager (Petra Wahnsiedler) has been really great and always willing to hear me and assist. I truly appreciate that.
2019-07-30 Insgesamt sehr zufrieden. Rasche Antworten auf jegliche Fragen jederzeit!
2019-07-21 Ich wurde zwei Mal von Frau Aderbauer betreut. Der Service war hervorragend. Tausend Dank
2019-07-21 Wolfgang did an amazing job
2019-07-04 Please tell us about any recommendations you have that would improve the service: Nothing to say. Just perfect.
2019-07-02 Perfect Job done ! :)
2019-06-26 I wanted to thank you for the great service you provided guiding us into Germany.
2019-06-18 Everything was done exactly as needed. No areas for improvement identified.
2019-05-31 It was great, were helpful for us. Sabine helped us a lot with administration and to enter the house. Thanks!
2019-05-24 Amazing service provided. As a foreigner coming with family to another country, Proforg exceeded the service level expected making my family\'s life very easy during the move. We are very greatful for all the consultants that have supported us! Thanks so much! :)
2019-05-17 Frau Jellyman hat einen hervorragenden Job gemacht - einfach perfekt!


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Global Employment Mobility Services delivers all services described under ‚National Mobility‘ on a global scale.

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Why Professional Organizing:

  • Our company name is our programme: you book professionalism with us – demonstrated by our practical and customer-oriented solutions
  • The know-how of our continously trained and experienced staff guarantees short replytime to your enquiry as well as flexible and non-bureaucratic cooperation.
  • Our actions are characterized by empathy and the spirit to offer more than what is expected.
  • We are totally independent and cover your interests only.
  • We consider ourselves as an important partner for small and medium sized companies and consider a cooperation as obligation and honor.
  • We know the values of our clients – and act accordingly.

Quality made by Professional Organizing

Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.
Professional Organizing is a member of EuRA (European Relocation Association) and is bound their ethics and rules of conduct.