Professional Organizing

1982 waren wir die ersten. Umfang und Qualität der Dienstleistung Relocation haben wir – vor allem in Deutschland - maßgeblich beeinflusst. Seit über 3 Jahrzehnten sichern wir die Ankunft von Mitarbeitern nationaler und internationaler Firmen – in Deutschland und weltweit.

Dies machen wir mit Empathie, Effizienz und Einsatz.

Wir sind ein vertrauenswürdiger Begleiter für Ihr Unternehmen und Ihre Mitarbeiter in einer komplexen globalen Welt.

Ob Sie als Unternehmen die ersten Schritte in ein internationales Umfeld gehen oder schon erfahrene Strukturen haben, ob Geschäftsreise – oder Arbeitsvisa, ob Wohnungssuche für einen oder mehrere Mitarbeiter, ob kulturelle Trainings oder Jobsuche für den Partner, ob Tiere oder Möbel transportiert werden: Wir sind an Ihrer Seite.

Feedback unserer Kunden
2018-02-08 The consultant was always responsive, competent, and knowledgeable on the issues that needed to be adressed. I appreciate very much the availability for a direct consultation when this was needed; that was really helpful. The service provided was overall much satisfactory.
2018-01-25 Really excellent. congratulations!
2018-01-22 Everything was fast and very clear. I have a very good impression with the service.
2018-01-21 Elise Aderbauer was absolutely fantastic and my move to Frankfurt would not have been so seamless without her help.
2018-01-04 Petra did a fantastic job. She really went the extra mile to see that the services were delivered to me.
2018-01-03 I am greatly satisfied for the quality service from Professional Organization for extending my visa and my family reunion.Excellent support from Petra and all other staff. I wish your organization every success in the future.
2017-12-14 Service was excellent. Everything was arranged on time. I am really happy about assistance provided by Petra and Sabine.
2017-11-13 Proforg on this latest placement and my previous one were wonderful. Highly professional and responsive and always going that extra mile to help.
2017-11-10 Fantastic service by Despoina Koronidou and Petra Kistner. These 2 individuals did above and beyond job.
2017-10-11 The complete experience was amazing, I had the support of my consultant and I did not have any problem. I had some many questions and I had the answer so quickly and with all the detailed answer as possible
2017-09-20 The Support and Level of competence is indeed remarkable and commendable. I was very satisfied with the Services and responsiveness of Despoina and Wofa.
2017-09-09 Everything was great, my agent was quick to respond to any questions or needs. txs
2017-08-23 Everything was great! Thanks a lot! ------------------------------ Bewertungsskala: 8 und 7 = excellent 6 und 5 = gut 4 und 3 = befriedigend 2 und 1 = schlecht 0 oder nichts = keine Angabe --------------------------- Diese Mail wurde automatisch erzeugt.
2017-08-05 I like the support that given by Wofa who helped me get my visa extension and now I have my residence card.
2017-07-23 It has been a very comfortable and professional experience with \"Proforg\" , special thanks to Petra for her constant follow up and communication and also to Mrs Harnapp for being available and helping through the process Will definitely recommend \"Proforg\" to my colleagues or friends
2017-07-13 No recommendations. The process was smooth.
2017-07-11 The support of Professional organizing was vital to the success of my expat assignment in Germany!
2017-03-26 The team at Professional Organizing were timely and responsive with all of our questions and needs throughout the relocation process. We appreciated their thorough responses to our questions and assisting us before and after our move to Germany. Tatjana, Judith and Birgitt were extremely helpful and patient with all of the services they provided to us. Thank you for your support in our transition to Germany!
2016-12-13 Excellent services, keep it up!!!
2016-12-11 I would like to appreciate Petra for her great help and support. She is very good, on time and provided all clarifications whenever i want. I was really happy with Petra work and much appreciated. Thanks
2016-11-18 I\'m fully satisfied by the services provided by Professional Organizing for my relocation, especially appreciations to Wofa Abdelkader and Elise Aderbauer. Both of them are really professional, fast response with very good customer oriented mindset.
2016-09-30 Nothing. Everything is excellent.Mrs./Ms. Petra Kistner has been really helpful and nice to me. I am really grateful for that.
2016-08-25 Professional Organizing did an excellent in all areas of my relocation from Houston Tx to Germany and my transition back to Houston. Everything was so very well organized and efficient. The service from all of the Professional Organizing employees was exceptional and friendly. Claudia Rehberg does an outstanding job as Director and I commend her. I would recommend Professional Organizing to any Company or person that needs these services. Well done!
2016-08-16 The Proforg staff, especially Frau Kistner, was extremely helpful in supporting my adjustment in Germany. As almost all German government offices only speak German, not only was she extremely helpful in the language aspect, she also timed our scheduled meetings so that everything was done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Thank you very much for your support!
2016-07-26 Alles zur vollsten Zufriedenheit. Es wurden jegliche Anfragen innerhalb kürzester Zeit gewissenhaft beantwortet. Weiter so!
2016-07-25 Thanks to your service, my relocation was smoothly done. Thank you very much! Desponia !
2016-06-01 Alles hat wunderbar geklappt und der Kontakt war stets sehr freundlich. Genauso habe ich auf meine Fragen stets sehr schnell gute, kompetente Antworten erhalten. Also wirklich super zufrieden.
2016-05-02 I think the service was excellent and i advice the customer service level is upheld
2016-04-27 My experience with Professional Organizing was great. All of my contacts were very courteous, professional, and efficient. Thank you for all of your help. It would have been difficult for me to have done all of this on my own.
2016-04-20 Excellent response and service was provided catering to specific personal requirement.
2016-04-18 Despoina Koronidou did a fantastic job. Despoina is customer focus, service oriented, creative in solutions. Thank you very much for Despoina's services.
2016-02-28 Christina Jellyman was wonderful to work with.
2016-02-10 Anna Schell was the consultant who worked with me. She was extremely knowledgable about the visa and town registration requirments for the extended stay in Germany. She was persistent in getting the proper documents from me in preparing all of the paperwork. She was very patient in walking me through the registration process.
2016-02-10 Sophie Rehberg was extremely helpful, professional and highly responsive. The whole process was clear, easy and timely for me and I am very grateful for her assistance.
2016-01-13 I was always very satisfied with the Services provided.
2015-12-18 Overall Excellent services, reactivity, flexibility and availability. It was great dealing with you and specifcally Julia. Great team !
2015-10-29 I think that overall the service was excellent and very proffesional with a good very disposition by the asigned person. The availability for questions related to the service provided before, during, and after the service is important for me as a receiver of the service.
2015-04-15 Consultants/'Response was amazingly fast and my inquiries were quickly solved. I have never had stress or frustration on their Services. I was very lucky to have Professional Organizing for my relocation. Thank you.
2015-01-22 Mrs. Birgit Duechtel that took care of the relocation of my family did excellent work for us! She was not only very pleasant, full of energy and optimisitc, but she was always had heart and great knowlege of what she is doing...She did her work as if she was my mother. Always helpful, patient, organized, prepared, empathic...! My gratitude cannot be expressed in words.
2014-12-22 Great service!!! You are so flexible so professional and so customer oriented! All great!!
2014-12-18 You helped me move in and move out. All service was great. Others at Merck report the same. Except both myself and others find ask Alex poor. I really liked the timely responses for the queries, thank you so much.
2014-12-01 Keep it as it is. Please do this as the company culture not only depend on the individual (agent) behaviour to be excellence. So, I like the way your agent response to our need.
2014-09-23 I have nothing I would want to add, the service was excellent and the people always super nice and well prepared. Very satified customer experience from our side, Thanks.
2014-09-23 Fully satisfied with the service provided, highly professional.
2010-05-20 Just returned from the Shanghai and San Francisco trip, really appreciate the rush at the end to get my residence card/visa. I wanted to commend you on having an incredible staff, especially Wofa and Tatiana for dealing with the immigration offices. It was pretty cool to have the border agent say welcome home to Germany. Best regards, Tom


Gemäß firmenspezifischer Vorgaben und den individuellen Anforderungen des Mitarbeiters suchen wir eine geeignete Unterkunft...



Global Employment Mobility Services bedeutet die unter ‚National Mobility‘ beschriebenen Dienstleistungen global anzubieten...



Die Organisation dieser Aufgaben ist umfassend und in der Regel eine klassische Personal Funktion, dabei kommen wir ins Spiel...


Warum Professional Organizing:

  • Unser Unternehmensname ist Programm: mit uns buchen Sie Professionalität. Diese zeigt sich in all unseren pragmatischen, kundenorientierten Lösungen.
  • Das Know-How unserer langjährigen und kontinuierlich geschulten Mitarbeiter garantiert Ihnen kurze Reaktionszeiten sowie eine flexible und unbürokratische Zusammenarbeit.
  • Unser Handeln ist geprägt von großer Empathie und der Bereitschaft, stets mehr zu bieten, als erwartet wird. Dabei bewahren wir selbstverständlich unsere Unabhängigkeit und sind nur Ihren Vorgaben verpflichtet.
  • Durch unsere kompetente Arbeit im Projektmanagement sind wir in der Lage, komplexe Arbeitsbereiche oder größere Mitarbeiterentsendungen nahtlos zu übernehmen und mit Synergieeffekt abzuwickeln.
  • Als Partner für den Mittelstand verstehen wir unser Handeln als Verpflichtung und Auszeichnung.
  • Wir kennen die Werte unserer Kunden, achten und agieren gemäß dieser.

Qualität bei Professional Organizing

 Professional Organizing ist Mitglied der EuRA (European Relocation Association) und verpflichtet sich deren Ethik- und Verhaltensregeln einzuhalten.
Professional Organizing ist Mitglied der EuRA (European Relocation Association) und verpflichtet sich deren Ethik- und Verhaltensregeln einzuhalten.