Wir betreuen unsere Kunden zur Zeit unter anderem auch in USA, Brasilien, Mexiko, Südkorea, Malaysia, Singapur, Indien Polen, Russland und der Türkei.
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Art der Tätigkeit, Ausbildung, Nationalität und Aufenthaltsdauer bestimmen den richtigen Aufenthaltstitel.

Wir begleiten die Verfahren Ihrer Mitarbeiter zur Erlangung des richtigen Aufenthaltstitels und ziehen bei Bedarf gern in Ihrem Auftrag mit uns kooperierende spezialisierte Rechtsanwälte zur Prüfung und Klärung rechtlicher Fragen hinzu.

Unsere Leistungen

  • 360 Grad Service sowohl im Heimat - als auch im Gastland.
  • Legalisierung / Apostille unterstützung
  • Terminvereinbarung bei den diplomatischen Vertretungen
  • Einholen aller relevanten Dokumente zur Visa Beantragung/Erteilung Aufenthalt im Heimatland/Gastland
  • Unterstützung bei der Klärung aufenthaltsrechtlicher Bestimmungen
  • Kontrolle von Ablauffristen von Visa und Aufenthaltstiteln


Feedback unserer Kunden
2021-10-29 I would like to thank your team especially Ursula Buhler who helped me too much and whenever I needed help, she was there to support. Thanks for everything
2021-10-29 PROFORG was the second relocation agency I ever used, I am happy to report that it has far better services than the previous company. Keep up the good work!
2021-10-28 Great service and competent company, I am satisfied by the effort to obtain my document as soon as possible and sending a scan as soon as it was available
2021-09-28 Sonja Lababidi did a great job to support at all stages of the process. Very professional work!
2021-06-28 I wish that I could give more than 8 in the rating. Your support was way more than I had expected and Mrs. Christina Jellyman is brilliant. The support started even before we arrived; we arrived in the midst of lockdown, and Mrs. Jellyman had already provided enough food to last us during quarantine. She organised the medics to test us, various registrations, etc and with every hiccup we had faced during the transition (even helped us with issues we had at the tax office). Absolutely brilliant work, we were quite happy to have this support! Please do not hesitate to let me know should you would like me to write a recommendation to my employer.
2021-06-28 Petra is very helpful with my process and always quick to respond. She is also pro-active to solve my problems.
2021-06-28 My housing/real estate consultant, Birgit, was amazing. She understood my needs and wishes very well and was able to help me get my desired apartment. I feel better in Germany because of that.
2021-06-18 Please tell us about any recommendations you have that would improve the service: Nothing at all :) ---------- Additional Comments: Thanks in a million to Jorge, Petra and Gaia for their service. They are really very professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Proforg to any of my friends. All the best, Meltem ------------------------------
2021-06-09 Frau Kistner was always very helpful and kind, even if I had too many questions. She always explained everything perfectly. She was Just Great.
2021-06-09 A special thanks to Petra Kistner for the great help whenever I needed support. Even though the process took longer than expected, she always kept me updated and made sure everything worked well.
2021-04-07 Christina Jellyman was a perfect relocation expert. She was knowledgeable and responsive and it was so nice to have someone that could answer all my questions. She helped in many ways - which was exacerbated by the pandemic. Thank you so much for all the work your company has put into my move.
2021-03-29 Please tell us about any recommendations you have that would improve the service: Nothing really, you guys are doing fantastic, thanks to Petra W. She is legend at her work, knowledge
2021-03-17 I wouldn't know what I would have done without your service. Totally satisfied! And always super friendly-thanks a lot
2021-02-24 The entire team provided AAA services from beginning to the end, on every topics (and sometime a bit further) they were involved in. Big thanks to all!
2020-11-11 Please tell us about any recommendations you have that would improve the service: Relocation is a painfull journey esp. under Covid it is doubling down the pain. However, Anastasia & Gaia as well as Sabine were quite very helpfull,kind & caring during this process. Many thanks
2020-05-07 Well done to your team (Petra, Alex and Gaia) - our relocation went much more smoothly than I was expecting.
2020-02-24 In general a very efficient and professional service was delivered. Thank you!
2020-02-21 the longer i stayed here after the relocation the more appreciated i feel to your profetional survice! it made the start smooth and easy! thanks again for your effort! regards!
2020-02-21 very good professional service and all your staff members were truly supportive and helpful. I would definitely recommend it to others and also profog will be the first name that will come to my mind when i need some more help in these kind of matters
2020-01-30 Christina was so helpful for everything. I really appreciated for her help. Not only she coordinated well but she always tries to do her best to make things well. Thanks to her, I got to start working and living in Germany very smoothly. Thank you so much.

Warum Professional Organizing:

  • Unser Unternehmensname ist Programm: mit uns buchen Sie Professionalität. Diese zeigt sich in all unseren pragmatischen, kundenorientierten Lösungen.
  • Das Know-How unserer langjährigen und kontinuierlich geschulten Mitarbeiter garantiert Ihnen kurze Reaktionszeiten sowie eine flexible und unbürokratische Zusammenarbeit.
  • Unser Handeln ist geprägt von großer Empathie und der Bereitschaft, stets mehr zu bieten, als erwartet wird. Dabei bewahren wir selbstverständlich unsere Unabhängigkeit und sind nur Ihren Vorgaben verpflichtet.
  • Durch unsere kompetente Arbeit im Projektmanagement sind wir in der Lage, komplexe Arbeitsbereiche oder größere Mitarbeiterentsendungen nahtlos zu übernehmen und mit Synergieeffekt abzuwickeln.
  • Als Partner für den Mittelstand verstehen wir unser Handeln als Verpflichtung und Auszeichnung.
  • Wir kennen die Werte unserer Kunden, achten und agieren gemäß dieser.

Qualität bei Professional Organizing

 Professional Organizing ist Mitglied der EuRA (European Relocation Association) und verpflichtet sich deren Ethik- und Verhaltensregeln einzuhalten.
Professional Organizing ist Mitglied der EuRA (European Relocation Association) und verpflichtet sich deren Ethik- und Verhaltensregeln einzuhalten.